The pictures are provided at the 800x600 resolution primarily to minimize download times, and because I don't have space/bandwidth to put up the originals.

The originals of the older pictures (before March 2007) are 2272x1704 JPEGs, and are approximately 1.5M each. The originals of the newer pictures are 3872x2592 JPG or NEF (Nikon RAW image) and are aprox 4M for the JPGs and 6+M for the NEFs.

If you would like a copy of the picture at another resolution, or format, email with your request. (include format, size, and contact information. ) They will typically be uploaded to the web and you will be given the location.

If you're seeking permission to publish the picture(s) for non-commercial use (especially if it's a club newsletter, sailing promotion, etc.) it should not be a problem. You must, however, receive written permission, and we will generally request a copy of the material.